Debating Matters Ambassadors

The Debating Matters Competition has been running for over a decade, during which time it has grown to make tangible contributions to many of the students, judges and teachers who have been involved in it.

Debating Matters Ambassadors comprises enthusiastic proponents of the competition’s ethos. It is a formal affiliation of those individuals and allows the competition to benefit from their experience, passion and continuing support. The overarching aim of the group is to embolden Ambassadors to continue to promote and contribute to the competitions development. The Annual Ambassador Convention will be held in Spring 2015 and will provide Ambassadors with insight into Debating Matters’ long-term strategy and will outline ways in which Ambassadors can further promote the ethos and values of the competition.

This new project is being instigated and led by competition alumnus Jake Unsworth.



If you’d like to find out more about how you can support Debating Matters please email Justine Brian for further information.


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