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The School of Management, our venue sponsors in the Central region, provides postgraduate and undergraduate programmes in Management. In addition to our AMBA accredited MBA, we offer a range of postgraduate and undergraduate courses, many of which can be studied flexibly through supported distance learning. In the last few years we have emerged as one of the country’s top management schools with significant investment in top-ranking research staff and a thriving PhD programme. We enjoy a strong reputation in the areas of sustainable business, corporate ethics and globalisation and believe that organizations have an enormous impact on all of us as employees, as customers and more generally as citizens. We are born in, educated in, work in, play in, are governed by, obtain goods and services from, receive medical treatment in and die in organizations. And these organizations are all managed to a greater or lesser degree. We therefore need to debate management and organizations: they are too important in our everyday lives to be left unexamined.  So whose objectives do they serve, why and how? Who benefits from what these organizations do or provide? Who does not?

Management and organizations have created many of the achievements of modern civilization, but are also profoundly implicated in the pressing global problems facing us today: the persistence of war, violence, the degradation of the natural environment, racism, sexism, ageism, ableism/disablism, homophobia, unhealthy and unsafe work environments, work-life imbalance and the unequal global distribution of wealth, to name but a few.  Very little existing management research, teaching or indeed consultancy deals directly with issues such as these. In contrast, they are central to the work being done at the School of Management. In our teaching and research we draw on a range of social science and humanities disciplines to provide as many different perspectives as on them as possible, because for us there are no easy solutions to be had.


Thursday 17 January:
Southampton Championship at Solent University in partnership with NATS

Wednesday 13 February:
Kent Championship at MidKent College


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