Camden School for Girls

Sandall Road London NW5 2DB

“Camden School for Girls is a living organisation, constantly changing and developing. The National Curriculum provision for Gifted & Talented students, the National Strategy, the 14-19 Curriculum review and ‘personalised learning’ are some of the many external influences for change in recent years. However initiatives for change come as much from inside the school as from outside it, and it is always difficult these days to forecast precisely how different the school may be five years on. The government is trying to meet its priority to help schools set targets for ever higher and higher standards. Naturally we share those aspirations. We were proud to be described by Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Schools as an ‘outstandingly successful’ school in his 2000 report after our 1999 Ofsted inspection. This judgement was a most encouraging recognition of everyone’s efforts and a spur to be satisfied with nothing but the best.”



Qualifying Round: North London 2008/09

DEBATE: Sport and Competition

Qualifying Round: North London 2009/10

DEBATE: Boxing

Qualifying Round: North London 2009/10

DEBATE: Organic food

Regional Final: London & South 2009/10

DEBATE: MPs expenses

Qualifying Round: North London 2010/11

DEBATE: Monarchy

Qualifying Round: North London 2011/12

DEBATE: Media Regulation

Qualifying Round: Camden 2012/13

DEBATE: Party Funding

Qualifying Round: Camden 2013/14

DEBATE: Social media



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