Lampton School

Lampton Avenue Hounslow Middlesex TW4 4EP

“Our aim is for all of our students to achieve their potential and to prepare them to thrive in a rapidly changing world. We are committed to excellence and have an unrelenting determination for everyone to succeed. We put a strong emphasis on academic achievement – we have an excellent reputation for challenging our most able students and for supporting students who require additional help with their studies. We also encourage and expect all of our students to become independent learners and to develop their leadership skills, so they can fully participate in our rich extra-curricular programme. Our climate for learning is exceptional. We work with our students in a collaborative and orderly atmosphere of mutual respect and trust. This gives them a sense of belonging and a pride in our school and in themselves, and helps them fully realise their potential. We also have excellent partnerships with parents and our local community.”



Qualifying Round: West London 2009/10

DEBATE: Pop artists

Qualifying Round: West London 2009/10

DEBATE: Older Mums

Regional Final: London & South 2009/10

DEBATE: MPs expenses

Qualifying Round: West London 2010/11

DEBATE: Monarchy

Qualifying Round: West London 2011/12

DEBATE: Supermarkets

Qualifying Round: Ealing 2012/13

DEBATE: Party Funding

DEBATE: Fake News

DEBATE: Fake News



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