Solihull School

Warwick Road Solihull West Midlands B91 3DJ

“The central aim of Solihull School is to provide for every pupil as rich a life at school as possible, so that school life is a time of fulfilment and happiness, and a preparation for life as a good adult in society. We believe that this richness comprises four elements. Our aim is to ensure that all pupils fulfil their academic potential throughout their time in school. Such fulfilment will involve not only success in examinations, but also the development of a love of learning and the capacity to work independently. Thereby the pupils will gain a sense of achievement and confidence, and this will be vital to their progress in life, usually through further education, into a rewarding career. The world into which our pupils will pass has more opportunities, more diversity and complexity than ever before, and yet there is a danger of a loss of values and a narrowing of aspirations to the simply material. Our aim is to prepare our pupils for the world, so that they are open to all the possibilities of being fully human. The life of the mind encompasses the joy of learning and passion for ideas, art, music and literature, the understanding of other cultures, the enquiry into faith and values.”



Qualifying Round: West Midlands 2010/11

DEBATE: Scepticism and Science

Qualifying Round: West Midlands 2010/11

DEBATE: Privacy Online

Qualifying Round: Birmingham 2011/12

DEBATE: Scottish Independence

Qualifying Round: Birmingham 2011/12

DEBATE: Supermarkets


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