The Playhouse Theatre

49-51 Bath Road Cheltenham Gloucestershire GL53 7HG

“For 60 years, the people of Cheltenham have enjoyed the notable facility of their own Theatre. A Theatre in which talented amateurs from all walks of life can work together with a single purpose; the presentation of non-professional drama of exceptionally high standards to the theatre-going public. The Playhouse is owned by the Cheltenham Borough Council but the management of the building and its activities are undertaken entirely voluntarily. The Playhouse Theatre Cheltenham, which leases the building from the Council, has currently around 200 members who are represented by an elected committee which administers the facilities of the building.It is in the evenings that the theatre comes alive; performances to the general public change every other week, groups utilise rehearsal rooms to work on their current productions, members meet to plan and design future shows, backstage crews construct and paint scenery and those members not actually involved in a show may meet for a social drink in the members’ club bar. The Cheltenham Playhouse Theatre is indeed a thriving and important amenity to the people of Cheltenham. It gives pleasure to literally thousands of people who regularly demonstrate their support by continuing to enjoy the performances staged here. Truly this is Cheltenham’s own Theatre, managed, supported and maintained by the people of Cheltenham, for the people of Cheltenham.”



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