26 May 2017: National Final Debate Motions 2017

National Final motions and Topic Guides just published!

After a spring of reading and debating of our own, the DM team have chosen three brand new issues for students to debate at this year’s National Final at the Museum of London on 30th June - 2nd July. Our new motions are: whether we should build on the green belt; if no platforming policies damage free speech; and whether populism is a threat to democracy.

We’re also bringing back some of our favourite motions from the Regional Finals and Qualifying Rounds. This year we think we have a really nice mix of contemporary political, social, scientific and cultural issues for students to debate.

Each debate motion is accompanied by a Debating Matters Topic Guide which places the debate in a social context, providing a framework for students to get to grips with the ideas and principals at stake.

Access each of the 2016/17 National Final Topic Guides below:

Green Belt: “We should build on the green belt”
Populism: “Populism is a threat to democracy”
No Platforming: “No platform policies damage free speech”
Medical Data Sharing: “Medical data sharing is a threat to our privacy”
Contact Sports: “We should accept the risks inherent in contact sports”
Historical Monuments: “Monuments to controversial historical figures should remain”
Autonomous Vehicles: “Autonomous vehicles will make driving safer”
Fake News: “Social media sites should filter out fake news stories”
Sharing Economy: “There should be tougher regulation on the sharing economy”



Thursday 6 December:
Leeds NHS Digital Debating Competition at Thackray Medical Museum

Thursday 17 January:
Southampton Championship at Solent University in partnership with NATS

Wednesday 13 February:
Kent Championship at MidKent College


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