06 Oct 2017: The Moral Maze: Test Your Argument

Learn how to win an argument from the experts.

The Moral Maze returns to Radio 4 (8pm on Wednesday 11 October) with a special programme marking 50 years of the Abortion Act, recorded in front of an audience of students at University College London.

The programme has teamed up with Dundee University’s Centre for Argument Technology, who have been analysing the art of the debate all the way from ancient Greece to last year’s US Presidential debates.

Now, for the first time, researchers will analyse Wednesday’s Moral Maze debate and use the data to create an interactive web page called ‘Test your Argument’.

This exciting feature will contain advice that all of us can use – key tips on winning an argument – whether we’re debating policy in a high-powered meeting or arguing with mates.

You can find it on the Radio 4 website after the broadcast.



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