• Professor Alan Hudson

    director, programmes in leadership and public policy

    Kellogg College, University of Oxford

    Alan teaches sociology and contemporary history and has wide international experience teaching and working with senior officials and executives from China, USA, Russia, Latin America, India and elsewhere. His most recent work has been on the relationship between citizens and cities with reference to urban planning and group and national identity with particular reference to public policy and the mediation between government and the lived experience of the citizen. In the autumn of 2010 Alan was a visiting professor at the Shanghai Administrative Institute where he began a research project looking at the impact of Expo 2010 on urbanisation and city life in Shanghai. In 2013 he received the ‘Golden Magnolia Award’ for services to the development of Shanghai. Alan is now a visiting professor at the Chinese Executive Leadership Academy, Pudong and Director of the Oxford University/CELAP Centre for Urban Studies.


Championship: Oxford 2018

DEBATE: Historical monuments

Qualifying Round: Birmingham 2016/17

DEBATE: Autonomous vehicles

Regional Final: South 2015/16

DEBATE: Compulsory Vaccinations

Regional Final: South 2015/16

DEBATE: Genome Editing

Regional Final: South 2012/13

DEBATE: Clinical Trials

Regional Final: South 2012/13

DEBATE: European Union


Wednesday 13 February:
Kent Championship at MidKent College

Thursday 28 February:
Berlin Championship at University of Applied Sciences Europe


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