• Dr Cheryl Hudson

    lecturer in history

    University of Liverpool

    Cheryl Hudson teaches US history at the University of Liverpool, and is former director of the academic programme at the Rothermere American Institute, University of Oxford. Her research focuses on the histories of race, reform and political culture in the US. She has published in The Journal of American Studies, The European Journal of American Culture, the Independent and the Times Higher Educational Supplement. She is co-editer of Ronald Reagan and the 1980s (Palgrave MacMillan, 2008) and Why Academic Freedom Matters (Civitas, 2016).


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DEBATE: Prison violence

Coming soon:

DEBATE: Contact sports

Qualifying Round: Merseyside 2016/17

DEBATE: Political Parties

Qualifying Round: Merseyside 2015/16

DEBATE: Compulsory Vaccinations

Qualifying Round: Reading 2014/15

DEBATE: Libraries

Qualifying Round: Reading 2014/15

DEBATE: Role models

Qualifying Round: Cheltenham 2013/14

DEBATE: Social media

Qualifying Round: Oxfordshire 2011/12

DEBATE: Burqa bans

Qualifying Round: Oxfordshire 2010/11

DEBATE: Monarchy

Regional Final: Central 2009/10

DEBATE: Social media


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