• Dr Dane Comerford

    Public Engagement Officer

    Centre for Public Engagement, University of Bristol

    Dane Comerford works to support researchers to engage effectively with the public. He sees research as a part of culture and is keen to encourage discussion around contemporary themes of research. His portfolio at the University of Bristol covers a wide range, from Maths and Engineering to Politics and Music. His has produced research exhibits in Bristol and London, given public talks in Spain, Japan, and across the UK and has been invited to talk about public engagement at recent meetings in Tokyo and Belfast. Dane’s background is Natural Science at the University of Birmingham and latterly a PhD at the University of Bristol, looking at gas-phase reactions for diamond growth using laser spectroscopy. This involved collaboration with Moscow State University and a three-month Fellowship at Kyoto University. During his PhD, in addition to presenting at academic conferences, he made films, both as a learning tool and for television broadcast, using aspects of his research as starting point for discussion.


Qualifying Round: Somerset 2010/11

DEBATE: Sportspeople as Role Models

Qualifying Round: Somerset 2010/11

DEBATE: Scepticism and Science


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