• David McKendrick

    Lecturer in social work

    Glasgow Caledonian University

    David was a children and families social worker for ten years before becoming a local authority manager, becoming increasingly disillusioned by the managerialism of local government he decided to jump ship to Higher Education.
    David is interested in how social policy is enacted particularly when it influences the lives of people who are experiencing some form of disadvantage.
    David has published on the PREVENT policy, the Named Persons policy, the Offensive Behaviour at Football Act and the political dimensions of the social work profession. David remains convinced that the social work profession has a role in challenging inequality and discrimination, he has just to work out exactly how this might be achieved.
    As well as academic writing David has written for Spiked online and The Conversation web site. David remains convinced of the power of the spoken word and firmly believes that young people are the most articulate and thoughtful proponents of this form of communication.
    A dedicated soul music fan David relaxes by reading, listening to music and ferrying his children to various leisure activities.



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Berlin Championship at University of Applied Sciences Europe


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