• Ed Straw


    Treaty for Government

    Ed was educated at Manchester University, Manchester Business School, Harvard Business School and Oxford University. He is a visiting research fellow at the Open University’s Applied Systems Thinking in Practice group. He has seen government from every angle as a citizen and consumer, adviser to several government ministers, chair of Demos and Relate, and a specialist on government task forces. He was a consultant on Thatcher’s public sector reforms and then New Labour’s, a policy moderniser during Neil Kinnock’s leadership of the Labour Party, and he designed the organisational blueprint for the party under John Smith and Tony Blair. He was also a global and UK board director for PwC, head of entertainment and media consulting in Europe, and his work has taken him to countries and governments around the world. An early training in civil engineering taught him structured analysis, and perhaps most importantly for his book, Stand & Deliver: A design for successful government, how to design things so they don’t fall down.


Championship: Liverpool 2018

DEBATE: Prison violence

Championship: Liverpool 2018

DEBATE: Contact sports

Regional Final: North West & North Wales 2015/16

DEBATE: Trident

Regional Final: North West & North Wales 2014/15

DEBATE: Offence



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