• Jonathan Werran

    head of news and events


    Jonathan, who is head of news and events for Localis, has extensive experience in communications and journalism. After five years as a reporter, Whitehall commentator and features editor for Municipal Journal, in 2015 he became the first strategic communications officer for the District Councils’ Network.

    Prior to The MJ, he edited an online government property and public estate magazine and helped run communications and marketing for anti-poverty charity Elizabeth Finn Care.

    In an earlier career in online publishing he established Wired-Gov, a pioneering online news service which repurposed government press releases.

    In a personal capacity, Jonathan is head of external affairs for the Outsiders Trust, which campaigns for the emotional and sexual rights of disabled people and a practising Nichiren Buddhist with SGI-UK.

    Home is Kingston Hill, south west London where he lives with his wife, Kerri, a school’s music director and two young children, Marc-Antony and Clara.



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