• Jutta Kramm


    Jutta Kramm started her journalistic career in the mid-1980s at the Berlin daily die Tageszeitung, or “taz”. In 1991, following the fall of the BerlinWall, she was hired by the Berliner Zeitung. The “Berliner” claims to be the only paper with East German roots to have achieved national prominence since reunification. It remains one of the three main papers in the German capital. The paper’s journalists come from both east and west and see themselves as a “laboratory of unification”. Jutta was head of the Berlin desk as well as head of Politics and News. Furthermore, from 2009 to 2017, she was deputy chief editor. After more than 25 years she left the paper in 2017 to lead the Fact Checking Team at CORRECTIV, a non-profit news organisation based in Berlin and Essen. CORRECTIV achieved international prominence for its role in monitoring and debunking fake news and misinformation before and during last autumn’s German election campaign.

    Jutta is 58 years old. She is married and has two kids who are currently studying in Berlin and Potsdam.




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