• Paul Craig


    Milne Craig

    Paul has been in professional practice since 1990. He has a strong background in audit, accounting, tax advice and business advisory services. In 1998 Paul became a chartered certified accountant and in 2010 he passed the Joint Insolvency Examination Board exams. Paul is a partner at Milne Craig C.A. who are based in Paisley and listed by ICAS as a Top 30 Scottish CA practice and having worked there for over 20 years feels it must be making him happy. In addition to growing a varied portfolio of clients he often leads corporate finance assignments. Experience in corporate finance includes mergers, acquisitions, funding, high growth start-ups, due diligence, valuations and other business advisory services. Paul enjoys his client relationships and he gets a buzz out of helping to solve business problems and has even managed to debunk the myth that all accountants are boring to some of his clients. In what little spare time he has, Paul enjoys visits to the gym and many outdoor pursuits such as cycling and snowboarding with his two sons and a wife who somehow puts up with him.


Championship: Scotland 2018

DEBATE: Universal Basic Income


Thursday 28 February:
Berlin Championship at University of Applied Sciences Europe


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