• Rob Lynes

    director UK

    British Council

    Rob has spent over 25 years working around the world, many in senior leadership roles with the British Council, the UK’s organisation for cultural relations and educational opportunities. Since 2016 he has been Director UK, helping to connect our four nations, cities, institutions and people with the world. He is currently working with partners to see how we can ensure that every young person in the UK has intercultural and international experience.  Before taking up his current post he spent five and a half years as Director India, the British Council’s largest overseas operation, helping to strengthen cultural and educational ties with the UK.  Previous roles include Deputy Director Global Operations and Regional Director Middle East. Rob has also worked in Poland, Australia, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. Before joining the British Council, Rob was Director of an International language school in Hungary.  He studied Russian and Polish and was a linguist in Berlin in 1980s.


DEBATE: Contact sports



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