• Sandy Starr

    communications manager

    Progress Educational Trust

    Sandy is communications manager at the Progress Educational Trust (PET), a charity which improves choices for people affected by infertility and genetic conditions. PET advances public understanding of science, law and ethics in the fields of human genetics, human reproduction, embryology and stem cell research. Sandy represents PET discussing these fields in the lay and specialist media – most recently on the BBC World Service programme Newshour and in the pages of The Times newspaper, Microbiology Today magazine and the journal Health Expectations. Sandy is also webmaster of PET’s flagship publication BioNews, which provides accurate, balanced and timely news and comment on the latest developments in these fields. Over the past 10 years Sandy has worked on more than 50 public events for PET, in venues ranging from universities and Royal Colleges to law firms and the Houses of Parliament. These events regularly attract mixed lay and specialist audiences of up to 300 people, receive national and international press coverage, and affect the development of policy. In recent years, PET’s events and initiatives have been referred to by MPs and peers on the Parliamentary record. Last year, Sandy himself addressed the Science and Technology Committee of the House of Commons on the topic of embryo research and whether the 14-day rule should be revised. Sandy has been involved in the annual Battle of Ideas festival since it was first launched 13 years ago, and he coordinates the judging of the Gina Owens Memorial Prize at Debating Matters. He also works with the charity Autistica, and he was a member of the Ethics Advisory Board of the world’s largest autism research project, ‘European Autism Interventions: A Multicentre Study for Developing New Medications’.


Championship: Oxford 2018

DEBATE: Historical monuments

Championship: Oxford 2018

DEBATE: Vegetarianism

Championship: Oxford 2018

DEBATE: Contact sports

Championship: London South 2018

DEBATE: Contact sports

National FInal: National Final 2011/12

DEBATE: Clicktivism

Qualifying Round: East London 2011/12

DEBATE: Scottish Independence

Qualifying Round: East London 2011/12

DEBATE: Nuclear Power

Regional Final: East 2010/11

DEBATE: Great Apes

Regional Final: East 2010/11

DEBATE: Fair Trade


Wednesday 13 February:
Kent Championship at MidKent College

Thursday 28 February:
Berlin Championship at University of Applied Sciences Europe


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