• Stephen Bremner


    Rothamsted Financial Services

    Stephen is passionate about the value of education and its ability to support people in their development as individuals and members of society. He has been teaching in London since 1992. Amongst the roles Stephen has had is being deputy headteacher at JFS School. He has regularly written about politics and culture for Spiked online. In the last two years, Stephen has branched out and been involved in various other projects. He set up Advance Consultancy, where he used his experience to support schools in in their development. As a business venture, he has also set up Rothamsted Financial Services, a mortgage and insurance broking firm. In this capacity Stephen also continues to support education as his company is donating 10% of our commission to schools. Any client that they have can nominate a school of their choice to receive this money. They feel that this is an innovative way for the private sector to make a contribution to communities and society.


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