• Stephen Hoffman


    Stephen Hoffman Consulting

    Stephen Hoffman has had a passion for debating, leading him to become active in politics from 15 years old. During his second year at Leeds University, where he studied politics and parliamentary studies, he campaigned against their no platform policy. After graduating with a 2.1, Stephen worked in Parliament for a Conservative MP. He has worked for numerous pro-Israel organisations where he was in charge of their events, social media and spoke to oppose demonisation of Israel across the country. He was also in charge of ABTA - The Travel Association 2015 General Election outreach work and Action Duchenne’s 2017 General Election outreach work. In October 2017 Stephen set up his own consultancy, seeking to help people use social media to increase their impact, write persuasively and run events which leaves a smile on peoples’ faces’. He loves travelling and help run political study tours of countries of interest for Young Political Leaders.


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