• Tom Gould


    St. Hilda’s College, Oxford

    Tom Gould is a Debating Matters alumnus, having competed in and won the competition with Magdalen College School in its 2015-16 run. He is currently in his first year of studying for a BA in politics, philosophy and economics at Oxford University and is a member of the prestigious Oxford Union, at which he has spoken on two occasions. In his spare time Tom can be found arguing about his favourite subject, political liberalism, occasionally in written form but most often in the pub. Tom plays guitar to a standard that pleases himself and almost no-one else, and recently he has co-written his first screenplay with old friend and erstwhile Debating Matters partner Joel Stanley, to be filmed relatively soon. In the past month, Tom has started work as a debating coach at an esteemed local private school, which at his request will remain unnamed, lest any accusations of bias be levelled against him.



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