Future of Engineering Debates

In partnership with the Institution of Mechanical Engineers Debating Matters staged three events across the UK designed to engage tomorrow’s citizens in considering the role engineering will play in an ever-developing and constantly changing society. 

The Institution of Mechanical Engineers aims to improve the world through engineering by inspiring the next generation. By exploring the views of students as part of a day of themed competitive debate, the next generation became part of a wider discussion initiated by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers’s Big Ideas .  The initiative looks at the future of engineering and education, as well as technologies and their relationship with society.

Three events were staged across the UK home nations. Links to each country’s programmes are below:

Future of Engineering: England

Tuesday 12 July, One Birdcage Walk, London

Future of Engineering: Wales

Monday 10 October, Techniquest, Cardiff

Future of Engineering: Scotland

Wednesday 14 December, School of Engineering, University of Glasgow

We have produced four bespoke Topic Guides for the event, looking at four broad social themes - healthcare, transport and manufacturing, energy and environment, education.  Click on the images below to access:



For further information about this partnership, or if you are interested in developing a similar one, contact Adam Rawcliffe



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