FILMCLUB Recommends

Debating Matters is delighted to be working in partnership with FILMCLUB to include film and documentary recommendations as part of our acclaimed Topic Guide resources. Selected Topic Guide will include recommended films which explore some of the themes and issues raised by the debate motions.

In addition to those films and documentaries which appear in the Topic Guides, an extended list of films which FILMCLUB believe will be of interest to Debating Matters debaters will be published each term. For this spring’s Regional Final debates, here are FILMCLUB’s list of movies and documentaries to get you thinking!  The ideas and arguments made in the films and documentaries aren’t neccesarily ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ but present some food for thought.

“Social media is rejuvenating political protest”

The Lives Of Others (15), 2006
Ararat (15), 2002
The Social Network (12), 2010
Life in a Day (12), 2011
Letter to Anna (PG), 2008

London Olympics:
“The greatest show on Earth is worth it”

Mitchell & Kenyon - Edwardian Sports (E), 1907
Chariots of Fire (U), 1981
Geordie (U), 1955
Under The Cranes (E), 2011
Fire in Babylon (12), 2010
Invictus (12), 2009
Africa United (12), 2010

Offensive Language:
“There should be no legal curbs on ‘offensive’ language”

The Lives of Others (15), 2006
1984 (15), 1984
In The Loop (15), 2009
Persepolis (12), 2007
The Great Dictator (PG), 1940
The Filth and the Fury (15), 2000

Organ Donation:
“We should introduce a system of presumed consent for organ donation”

Dirty, Pretty, Things (15), 2002
My Sister’s Keeper (12), 2009
Never Let Me Go (12), 2010
All About My Mother (15), 1999
21 Grams (15), 2003
Frankenstein (PG), 1931

Performance Enchancing Drugs:
“Allowing the use of enhancement drugs will not undermine the spirit of sport”

Real Steel, 2001
Rollerball, 1975
Murderball, 2005
Shaolin Soccer (12), 2001
Bad News Bears (12), 2005
Moneyball (12), 2011

“Population growth and rising living standards are unsustainable”

Koyaanisqatsi (U), 1982
Soylent Green (15), 1973
Manufactured Landscapes (U), 2006
Garbage Warrior (15), 2007
Crimson Gold (12), 2003
Born into Brothels (15), 2004


Schools wishing to access these FILMCUB recommendations as part of their debate research can do so by joining FILMCLUB.


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